Homeowner Appraisal Services

Reasons for a homeowner to obtain a real estate appraisal vary depending their specific needs.  Some of these needs include:

  • Mortgage refinance
  • Home improvement
  • Property tax appeal
  • Removal of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Corporate relocation
  • The need for extra cash

Regardless of the reason, we at Bridgeport Appraisal recognize your need for professional service, combined with a high quality appraisal report.  Please give us a call or email today for additional information by visiting the Contact Bridgeport link in the drop down menu.

PMI Removal Appraisal

Most homeowners with a balance on their mortgage loan in excess of 80% of their property value are paying mortgage insurance.  As market value increases over time, along with periodic payments made to he existing mortgage, this loan-to-value ratio will eventually drop below that 80% threshold.  When this happens the homeowner can typically submit evidence (an appraisal) to the lender, and the PMI can be removed from the monthly payment.  This can free up hundreds of dollars per month form the cost of your mortgage.

At Bridgeport Appraisal, we offer a free initial consultation with a subsequent, low cost market analysis of your neighborhood, to see if a full appraisal would serve your needs.  This market analysis fee will be credited toward the appraisal fee if the full appraisal is ordered within 10 days of the market analysis.