Proceed With Your Divorce With Clarity

Have a professional divorce appraisal done in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, the Southeastern Tennessee, or the Northwestern part of Georgia

Going through a divorce is difficult enough, but you need to take the time to ensure assets are divided appropriately. Bridgeport Appraisal, with bases in Kent, WA and Chattanooga, TN, provides accurate divorce appraisal services. With our assistance, you can move forward with confidence. Turn to our local office for your Appraisal needs! (See Areas We Serve)

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Helping you move forward

An accurate property assessment makes splitting assets clearer. Our divorce appraisal services:

  • Help the involved parties decide what to do with the property
  • Make the transition to separate lives easier
  • Support the division of assets with facts

Depending on your situation, you can either sell the home and split the profits between both parties or choose one party to "buy" the home from the other for a price based on the "seller's" portion of the property's value. For more information on the impact of professional divorce appraisals, please reach out to us today.