Settling an Estate?

We do estate appraisals in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, the Southeastern region of Tennessee, and the Northwestern region of Georgia.

The loss of a loved one can rock your world and land you with even more work on your plate. Oftentimes, settling estates can involve assessing the value of properties and dividing them accordingly. Thankfully, Bridgeport Appraisal can assist you in places like Kent, WA or Chattanooga, TN. We handle estate appraisals with care and give an accurate valuation based on the state of the property. Additionally, we go through appraisals with our clients, step by step.

Contact us now if you need an estate evaluation.

What makes an estate appraisal essential?

If you're going through the process of settling an estate, you'll need an appraisal. With an estate appraisal, you can:

  • Ensure financial concerns are taken care of
  • Guide the settling process
  • Divide the estate fairly

A date of death appraisal is often required to determine if taxes are owed and to settle other matters regarding the estate. If you have any questions about estate evaluations, speak with one of our experts today.