Bridgeport Appraisal has been serving the Puget Sound region of Washington State for over 23 years. We have recently expanded out services to the Southeastern market areas of Tennessee, as well as the Northwestern markets of Georgia. Bridgeport has six full time State Certified Appraisers along with four State Licensed Appraiser Trainees serving these communities.

Our many years in the appraisal industry have produced tens of thousands of quality real estate valuations throughout these market areas for the lending community, private property owners, as well as legal assignments for attorneys. We recognize that specific clients have needs that vary greatly as well as properties that have extensive attribute complexities, both taking considerable time and expertise to determine the best appraisal process that fits each assignment we complete. Our Bridgeport staff can competently complete your appraisal, with quality at the forefront of every assignment.

We offer a wide range of appraisal services and look forward to providing you with a quality real estate valuation, whether you are a private property owner, a lending professional, or an attorney.